Core Unit Mass Spectrometry / Formulation

timsTOF Pro liquid chromatography mass spectormetry system
timsTOF Pro LC-MS system (Photo: Simon Hammann)

Advanced mass spectrometry is a fundamental analytical technique frequently applied at different stages of the development of new bioactive compounds, in research on targets and mechanisms of action as well as in various biomedical and clinical research questions.

Mass spectrometer QTRAP4000
Mass spectrometer QTRAP 4000 (Photo: Simon Hammann)
Mass spectrometer QTRAP6500
Mass spectrometer QTRAP 6500 (Photo: Simon Hammann)

The Chair of Food Chemistry currently operates four high resolution UHPLC-/microLC QTrap or timsTOF-MS/MS devices for protein- and proteome analysis. The MS-facility at the Chair of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology operates a high resolution Q Exactive Focus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap MS coupled to UPLC. It offers development, validation and application of methods for targeted quantification of small molecules (< 1000 Da). Furthermore, untargeted metabolomics analyses are possible and it is also the Metabolomics Core Unit of the Medical Faculty of the FAU (see Core Unit Metabolomics). Additionally, the Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology has extensive experience in the development and optimization of formulations of bioactive compounds.

FAU NeW aims to open these innovative techniques and methods to other research topics and groups.