Successful first efs-NeW Research Day in 2024

Prof. Dr. J. Schlossmann during his talk at the efs-NeW Research day on Feb 1, 2024
Prof. Dr. J. Schlossmann (Foto: FAU)

The efs-NeW Research Day on February 1, 2024 was a great success. Members of the Emil Fischer Graduate Program (efs) and interested guests met for instructive talks and inspiring discussions in a cordial setting. We thank the invited speakers – Prof. Dr. H. Blume of FFQM, Prof. Dr. J. Schlossmann /Universität Regensburg and FAU-NeW member Prof. Dr. A. R. Boccaccini for their insightful presentations, i.e., on “Novel therapies for diabetic kidney disease” and “Bioactive materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering: progress and challenges”. Last but not least, however, special thanks to efs doctoral students for their valuable contributions. You did a great job!